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There are four levels of the Q Standard, Q1000, Q3000, Q6000 and Q9000.

Each level builds on the preceding one, so that firms can progress through the levels at their own pace. Please click here to download our latest price list.




Only suitable for sole practitioners without previous accreditation who want to put basic risk and practice management controls in place. More details...


Choosing the right standard for your firm

Suitable for firms with good risk management procedures, whether previously accreditated or not. More details...


This is an advanced level for firms with previous accreditation to either the Q3000 or Q6000 who have implemented comprehensive quality, risk and practice management systems. More details...


This standard is only suitable for a small number of elite firms with a number of years experience of quality, risk and practice management and who in addition have implemented strategic, innovative and state of the art systems. More details...