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The Q1000 is a new standard of practice, risk and quality management designed specifically by the ILRS and suitable only for sole practitioners who are starting to implement basic risk management procedures and who have not been accredited previously.
Sole practitioners who have a good level of risk management already in place should apply for the Q3000.
The Q1000 is a simple introductory standard that focuses on the following sixteen core areas of risk and quality management.

  • Letter of engagement
  • Standard file opening form
  • Complaints procedure
  • Disengagement and non engagement procedures
  • Attendance procedure
  • File review procedure
  • Post procedure
  • File closing procedure
  • Registers of deeds and wills
  • Register of undertakings
  • Procedures for conveyance purchase undertakings
  • Critical dates policy
  • Central critical dates register
  • Regulatory issues
  • Claims register
  • Provision for death or incapacity of sole principa
    If you would like to apply for the Q1000 Standard please fill out this application form.

The Q1000