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"The ILRS has been our external risk management auditor for a number of years. With their assistance we have introduced very effective risk management policies across every department in the firm. These policies have been invaluable in managing the challenges of running a busy legal practise. Furthermore in a legal world where obtaining new work is so often dependant on tenders, our Risk Audit Certification sets us apart from many of our competitors and gives potential clients the comfort of knowing that we are independently audited for Risk Management every year."

Mark Woodcock

McDowell Purcell Solicitors

"We have been working with the Institute for several years and the peace of mind in knowing that our systems and procedures are independently checked annually is invaluable and gives our firm an added edge in a competitive market."

John O'Beirne


Cullen, Tyrrell and O'Beirne.

"We have been working with the ILRS as our external risk management auditors for the past number of years. We have introduced new risk management policies and procedures across the practice and we find these policies to be extremely effective and invaluable to the successful running of a busy legal firm. Our Risk Audit Certification gives us the peace of mind knowing that our systems and procedures are audited by an external body and gives existing and potential clients a sense of comfort that we are audited independently for Risk Management on an annual basis."

Attracta Higgins
Practice Manager
Callan Tansey Solicitors